Light shining on a tree in the dark lighting it upLandscaping Serving Lincoln, NE – Tailored Landscapes


Tailored Landscapes offers a wide variety of services to our Lincoln and surrounding area residents and businesses. If you are in need of creative landscaping at affordable prices then look no further than us! We work closely with our clients to transform your property into something of remarkable and stunning beauty. Give us a call today and we will start planning your next landscaping project.

Landscaping Lighting and Container Gardening

Landscaping lighting adds a different kind of elegance to your home or office. It can also add a sense of safety and security. Tailored Landscapes is able to use unique lighting that is energy efficient and does not need light bulb replacement to enhance certain structures or offer a marked pathway. We also offer container gardening for those that do not have space. Many areas in Lincoln do not have space for gardens. However, Tailored Landscapes is able to transform a flower or vegetable garden into a thing of beauty all in a small space.

Tree Services

Not only does Tailored Landscapes manicure your lawn area, we also offer tree services to our Lincoln residents and businesses. We are insured and certified to prune and cut trees that may be interfering with your property. We also know where to plant certain types of trees to make your property look and feel full and in bloom. Our design team is available to help you decide on what types of trees you desire for your home or business. You may want flowering trees or fruit trees. We are able to show you which ones will prosper on your property!